Chemical Processing / Custom Packaging

Spex CertiPrep has over 55 years experience manufacturing and packaging a wide variety of Certified Reference Materials. If tyou have your own material you need processed or packaged, we have the capabilities to exceed your expectations.

  • Wide variety of packaging types and sizes, including bottles, ampules, vials, dromedary bags, and more. From 1mL to gallon sizing
  • Full selection of materials: clear or amber glass, LDPE, HTDP, FEP, PE plastics
  • Clean room facilities for materials which require high-purity
  • Send us your finished bulk material and we can package to your specifications
  • Send us your starting materials and we can process and package your products for you
  • We can QC your material with a wide variety of analytical instrumentation
  • All packaging is created and applied to your exact specifications: labels, certificates of analysis, and packaging, with your own logo if desired
  • Bulk ship to your warehouse or we can drop-ship directly to your customers

Spex CertiPrep standards are packaged with clear and descriptive labels in unit sizes from a 1mL ampule in the case of our organic materials to bulk sizes in the gallons. Depending on the need or concentration, we also have the ability to do fills in our clean room to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. All standards come complete with a detailed certificate of analysis and are shipped to the customer’s individual specifications.

Custom Packaging:

Spex CertiPrep can also take care of your custom packaging needs by receiving in your bulk materials and transferring them to ampules or bottles or any other specific packaging that you need for individual sale. We will then attach your custom labels, package up the product, and ship it direct to your customers.

Whatever your packaging needs may be, SPEX CertiPrep can help. Contact a sales representative today to find out more.