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Salmonella qPCR Detection Kit

2-Color Salmonella qPCR Detection Kit

• Get rapid and accurate test results with high specificity to determine the presence of Salmonella DNA in your sample.

This kit provides a rapid and accurate test to determine the presence of Salmonella DNA in a sample. The two-color Salmonella detection kit is a probe-based kit that allows for the identification of Salmonella species. The primers and probes target a Salmonella specific gene that is essential for its pathogenicity. The probe activates FAM channel, giving the user a positive result if Salmonella is present. An internal control primer and probes are also included that confirm that the PCR Master Mix is working optimally by ensuring the sample is free of PCR inhibitors that would lead to false negative results. To help distinguish the Master Mix from the template DNA and from the final product during sample preparation, an inert yellow dye is provided to label the template prior to adding to the Master Mix which contains an inert blue dye. When mixed the resulting solution is green, confirming the presence of all components. The kit works with any qPCR system that supports the two color channels.

2-Color Salmonella qPCR Detection Kit Brochure

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