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Internal Standards for UV-VIS

Internal standards for UV-VIS allow the user to accurately measure the concentration of their samples by directly comparing the absorbance of their compounds against that of the internal standard.  We offer 6 different standards that cover a wide range of wavelengths (270 nm – 570 nm).  Once the user takes a UV-VIS spectrum of their sample, they can find a region in the spectrum that doesn’t absorb, and then select the corresponding internal standard, and rerun the spectrum.

All 6 standards are organic dyes, which absorb very strongly in the UV-VIS region.  This means the standards are very low concentrations, which minimizes the possibility that it will hinder solubility of the combination of standard and sample. They come in 5 mL ampules, and contain 3.5 mL of the standard.  This is the industry standard volume to fill a cuvette.

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