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Microbiology Standards

NSI Lab Solutions offers ISO accredited microbiological Certified Reference Materials. Validated and traceable cultures are no more than two passages from the primary reference culture ensuring genetic traceability to the primary cell line. Each lyophilized culture is preserved in our proprietary Microgel-Flash™ quick dissolve matrix.  Pellets dissolve instantly once hydrated. Manufactured and tested under ISO 17034 and 17025 accreditations.  Downloadable Certificates of Analysis are available from our website. Sold in packs of 10 individually vacuum sealed microorganism pellets.  Stores in the freezer -20°C to -10°C. Product shelf life of 18 months from the manufacture date.

Products Include:

Snap-Stick Ready to Use Culture Swabs
Unit Dose Microbiological Controls
CRMs for Wastewater Labs
Qualitative Reference Cultures for USP 51 and USP 61/62
Multi-Organism Controls for Petrifilm®