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Heavy Metal Standards for Cannabis Testing

States are pushing for the cannabis industry to provide accurate, quantifiable results for heavy metals, specifically arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury for cannabis inhalation products and cannabis goods (i.e. edibles). California and Colorado have mandated the testing of cannabis for dangerous elemental impurities. The procedure focuses on the use of ICP-MS instrumentation, along with accurate ICP-MS standards, and allows for increased efficiency and accuracy of the analysis necessary to comply with the new state regulations.

Our extensive experience in creating quality trace metal standards, coupled with our ICP-MS analysis, will ensure your company will remain compliant with the new and changing regulations.

Inhalants are a well proven method for drug delivery first reported in the early 20th century. Inhalation therapy has become a mainstay in respiratory care since the inhaled drugs are localized to the target organs, which is not the case in injectable therapies. Since inhaled compounds are concentrated in the target organs, it also means that any contaminants are also concentrated in the lungs as well.


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