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Internal Standards for UV-VIS

Internal standards for UV-VIS allow the user to accurately measure the concentration of their samples by directly comparing the absorbance of their compounds against that of the internal standard.  We offer 6 different standards that cover a wide range of wavelengths (270 nm – 627 nm).  Once the user takes a UV-VIS spectrum of their sample, they can find a region in the spectrum that doesn’t absorb, and then select the corresponding internal standard, and rerun the spectrum.

All 6 standards are organic dyes, which absorb very strongly in the UV-VIS region.  This means the standards are very low concentrations, which minimizes the possibility that it will hinder solubility of the combination of standard and sample. We offer each standard individually, or in a kit containing all 6 standards.  They come in 5 mL ampules, and contain 3.5 mL of the standard.  This is the industry standard volume to fill a cuvette.

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